Saturday, February 27, 2010

URMIAY, Mr. Sailor

Some of you might remember a small kerfuffle that arose back in 2007, when Nintendo released Super Mario Galaxy and the game’s cover seemed to be displaying a secret message.

The cover:

U R Mr. Gay?

And the message, of course, was communicated by indicating seven letters in the title by putting a star beneath them. In the above image, the letters spell out “UR MR GAY,” in order, even according to where the line breaks happen. I’m not actually sure who first noticed this strangeness, but it made the rounds online — to the point where the people at Nintendo couldn’t have not noticed it. Now, in the next few months, a new Mario games will come out: Super Mario Galaxy 2. Something purported to be the official cover art has hit the gaming blogs. Once again, the cover art seems to be communicating a message — a response to the original question even.

The new cover:

Read left to right, it doesn’t mean much — “URMIAY”? — but read in reverse, the letters spell something more meaningful — “YA I M R U,” or transposed into actual English, “Yeah, I am, are you?” Apparently Mr. Gay is owning up to his title.

Not proof of anything, I know, but if The Little Mermaid can have a giant penis on its cover, why can’t Nintendo’s game cases work like a cruisy bus station bathroom?

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  1. I like the theory proposed by a Kotaku commenter, who suggested that URMIAY means "UR MIA Y", or "you are missing in action - why?" A clear acknowledgment that Mr Gay has in fact vanished.

  2. Huh. I saw that since the star is between A and L, that L was in there, too. So, really, it was UR MI ALY, referring to Yoshi being Mario's ally...and...possibly gay, too?

  3. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Y a I mr U
    Why am I mr. You?

  4. Sam: Yeah, I was hoping Mr. Gay would turn out to be the third Mario brother.

    Justin: Well, Yoshi does like Birdo...

    Anonymous: I guess we'd have to ask a Mr. You, of which I'm sure there are several, at least.

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