Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Attack of the Wild Strawberries

While in New Zealand, I got totake some photos in a strawberry processing plant, basically mid-process, while the workers were on their breaks. Consequently, I got to see strawberry bits in all levels of intactness. Getting to photograph these berries on and around the machinery that takes them where they need to go, I got to capture an interesting intersection of organic and inorganic — the point at which the land was done growing these things and when humans started using them for their own devices.

strawberry 1

strawberry 2

strawberries 1

strawberries 3

strawberries 4

strawberries 6

strawberries 8

strawberries and water 1

strawberries and water 1

The results are alternately appetizing and unappetizing, but also representative for how the New Zealand agriculture industry gets produce to the people that want it.

EDIT: I realize now that I neglected to post manyt of my pictures from my 2006 trip to New Zealand, so now seemed as good a time as any to post them. Here is what the same strawberry processing plant looked like then, post harvest and therefore minus a lot of the goop.


conveyor belt

See the posts tagged NZ/OZ for other old photos.

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