Monday, February 1, 2010

Seeing Thoughts in Repeat

More amusements from New Zealand. Well, amusements for me, anyway. Why are you so critical? ARE YOU JEALOUS?!

mary had a little lamb

An inexplicable sign outside a Queenstown souvenir shop. The text itself doesn’t make any sense, but why try to tie it to the song by putting the musical note emblem in the corner? As strange as it sounds, I have to think that however made this sign had never actually heard the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb” — which, really, is kind of like never having chewed gum or seen an automobile.

strawberry sign

This is a sign from a strawberry processing facility. It’s kind of funny that it was removed from the strawberry chute and just placed on a random desk, I guess, but I thought it would be even more amusing if I taped it to someone’s back so it was pointing at their ass. In any case, I guess it’s a little funny to think of a chute anywhere being designated as “for strawberries only” — no raspberries, no gooseberries, no strawberry-shaped handsoaps. Just strawberries. Get it?

mr hooker

Children in New Zealand are taught to be courteous to all adults, regardless of how they might make their living.

nz outlet

Is it just me, or do New Zealand power outlets look a little bit like the killer from Scream?

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