Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sky Over Paella

And, with this post, we come to the last of my New Zealand-releated photos. I know, you’re devastated. You can’t stand that I’m now returning to writing about pop culture detritus and nothing indicative of me as a person. It will be tough, but you can pull through, I know it.

During the home stretch of the trip, we stayed in the North Island beach town of Paihia, the pronunciation of which always made me think of paella. And not without good reason, either, as Paihia had plentiful, high-quality seafood. However, what I’ll remember most about this town wasn’t in the water but above it — and seen from the deck of the house we were staying in. During one rainy day, we got a great view of the only full-arc rainbow I can ever remember seeing, and with the faintest hint of a second arc above it, no less. I took a few pictures, knowing that the beauty of natural phenomena like rainbows doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to photography. In an effort to convey this awesome sight to everyone who wasn’t around to see it live, I’ve crudely stitched together the pictures on Photoshop. If you blur your eyes a little, you won’t notice the rough corners and could feasibly imagine yourself there.

rainbow at opua

(For the full effect, I encourage you to go ahead and click on the big version.)

Later that night, I played with my camera a bit and got some cool shots of the harbor at night.

storm in opua 1

storm in opua 3

storm in opua 4

storm in opua 5

storm in opua 6

Say goodbye to New Zealand!

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