Monday, February 22, 2010

Hindenburg 2.0

If you trust my taste in TV shows at all, please give the new FX series Archer a try. I’ve been catching up with the six episodes released so far and am stoked that that the show has been picked up for a second season, which I hope will be a full one. Don’t trust me? Then try out the below episode, “Diversity Hire”:

Archer comes to us from the bounty of God, of course, but more directly from Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, who got their start on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and later went on to do Sealab 2021 (which was great) and Frisky Dingo (which kind of sucked but which I’m willing to overlook). In fact, Archer manages to combine the humor of Sealab with the more sophisticated story structure of Dingo. And the series boasts one of the more impressive and more talented vocal casts of an animated show in recent memory: two Arrested Development alums (Jessica Walter, who played Lucille, and Judy Greer, who played Kitty), as well as H. Jon Benjamin (Home Movies), Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live), and Aisha Tyler (the single African-American actor to have a recurring role in the series history of Friends). If that’s not enough, it being and FX series also means that the show has uncensored swears. Of course, there’s no quicker way to my heart than animated, swearing funny people.

I also have to credit the series for deftly dropping obscure references. Jessica Walter’s character compared an absentee bartender to Judge Crater, a sort of 1930s version of D.B. Cooper. I’d never heard of Judge Crater before, and I’d guess a lot of you who read this blog haven’t either. Click the link. Let Archer teach you something cool.

Or just go watch Archer.

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