Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surrender Your Jandals

Last time I was in New Zealand, my friends and I stopped in Cardrona, at the Bra Fence, an unexplained roadside tribute to the ladies’ undergarment. It no longer exists today, so amuse yourself with these photos I took back in 2006.

the bra fence

pink bra on the bra fence

dina at the bra fence

This most recent trip, we drove through the small North Island town of Kaeo and found a sort-of successor: the Jandal Fence. (New Zealanders inexplicably use the term jandal for what we in California would call sandal or more specifically flip-flop. Wiktionary posits that jandal could be a blend of sandal and Japanese.)

jandal fence 2

jandal fence 3

Overall, not as risqué and overall not as good, but hey — it’s stuff you wear posted on a fence, so you have to like it. Otherwise they kick you out of New Zealand.

There’s a joke somewhere in here about flip-flips and bras being designed to limit that kind of motion, but I can’t quite pull it together.

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