Friday, February 19, 2010

Flip, Flop, Splat

Our local Fox affiliate frequently airs commerials for an area chain of adult stores. The commercials --- which all feature that grainy, washed-out look that tells you the thing being advertised cannot afford anything nice --- have panning shots of the more family-friendly wares, including flip-flops. Which is weird. I mean, the other kind of thong would make sense, but these are the foot kind. On one hand, I feel like this could be a good idea, since people in Southern California often wear these types of sandals and might realize they need new ones at any given moment, even when they're hunting dildos. On the other hand, there's also nothing good about selling flip-flops at an adult store, because even if you did find the sandals of your dreams there, you could never honestly answer anyone who asked you where you got them.

"I love your flip-flops! Where did you get them?" your friend would ask. And you'd look down, grind your toe into the ground, and ashamedly respond, "Adult store. They were next to the lube."

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