Monday, February 8, 2010

Tomato Peak

Near where my dad grew up, there’s an overlook called Te Mata Peak. It’s not too high up, but the views are amazing, especially on a day where a few passing clouds can cast shadows on the land below.

te mata peak 4

te mata peak 2

te mata peak 3

te mata peak 5

I should probably own up to the fact that my appreciation of this place belies some home state pride. When we were there, it was the New Zealand’s equivalent of July. Thus, typically verdant hills were gold, and the landscaped looked more than a bit like California, just better — maybe because I’d never seen it before and maybe because New Zealand is inherently beautiful. Fellow Californians: You see the resemblance, right?

I normally don’t fear heights, but that first picture shows the view from a ramp from which people go hang gliding. I have to admit that I can’t think about jumping off over that valley — flying attachment or no flying attachment — without my stomach going into knots.

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