Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Car Seat Is Freezing

Because December 26 is still time enough for discussions about Christmas — and all the more so if said discussions are tainted with the bitterness that only the post-holiday hangover can bring. Case in point: the special Santa Claus punchbowl my mom found at an antique store:

creepy santa punchbowl

Let’s face it — what says holiday happiness better than ladelling cheer out of Santa’s hollowed-out skull? Last Christmas, in fact, my mom made a special candy cane punch. It’s egg nog, sherbet and crunched-up candy canes, the red dye of which gives the concoction a wonderful pink color. Yes, minty and sweet thought it may have been, the foamy punch had every appearance of scrambled brains. As the sherbet melted, pink goo would dribble down the sides of the bowl, making the effect work all the better. We all felt like we had done something very, very wrong to Santa. Really, look at his eyes — heavy-lidded and altogether blank, they give the appearance of someone who has undergone unnecessary brain surgery.

Now, happily, we can put him and the rest of his crew away for another forty-eight weeks.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

One-Tenth of a Plausibility Unit

Christmas cheer for your face.

october 30 066

october 30 049

october 30 045

october 30 038

october 30 032

october 30 028

october 30 025

october 30 022

october 30 020

october 30 009

october 30 024

Sunday, December 17, 2006

As Reliable as Roast Mutton

One more piece of photographic evidence from the Holly Jolly Christmas Party. I think Megan (Megan!) captured it well.

It's the rubber Christmas chicken.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Arch Stanton and Paula Schultz

Three obscure words for your face:
  • mammothrept — meaning "a spoiled child," its etymological roots go back to the Greek for "a child raised by one's grandmother"
  • logodaedaly — meaning "clever in the use of words," it's the Greek word part for "word" (as in "dialogue" and such) plus a permutation of the Greek mythological character Daedalus, who designed the Labyrinth and other ingenious things
  • jumentous — meaning "resembling horse urine," and simultaneously useless and wonderful because of that
[ source: Erin McKean's Weird and Wonderful Words ]

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Less Than a Snow Fairy, More Than a Sugar Plum

Just to prove that we didn't completely debauch the spirit of the holiday, here are some entirely more wholesome pictures of us in the post-party aftermath, during which we mustered the energy to go ice skating at Earl Warren.

ice skate 1

ice skate 2

ice skate 3

ice skate 4

Photo credits go to Laura.