Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jump (Into Pipes)

It may be one short, “citation needed” sentence in the Wikipedia entry for the Super Mario Bros. theme, but it was enough to get me thinking. It claims that there’s a certain resemblance between the song and Van Halen’s “Jump” and it’s rumored that the latter at least partially inspired the former. I’d never heard this before and couldn’t find it anywhere else online, but I have to admit that listening to “Jump” now, I can hear a slight similarity between the opening synth notes and the basic melody of the Mario song.

Give it a go yourself:

The timing works out, more or less, since the Van Halen song would have come out around the time the people at Nintendo would have been putting Super Mario Bros. together. And not that it means anything one way or another, but it’s worth pointing out that the song is called “Jump” and jumping is the essence of gameplay in most Mario games.

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