Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sheep of Note (2010 Edition)

The most outstanding sheep seen during my visit to the the Agrodome, which, despite what the name might make you think, is New Zealand’s spot that honors agriculture and no road rage.

Third place: A sheep with dreadlocks

sheep with dreadlocks

Second place: A sheep so wooly that it looks obese

merino 2

First place: A sheep with crazy horns

sheep with horns

Honorable mention: A sheep with a dog riding on its back.

dog riding a sheep

(Yes, the last easily makes for the best photo, but, really, it’s the dog who’s doing all the work here. The sheep probably doesn’t even know there’s a dog on its back. AND YOU SHOULD ALWAYS KNOW WHEN THERE’S A DOG ON YOUR BACK.)

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