Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dwarf Mount

Spied and photographed yesterday at a thrift store:


Despite having lived in Santa Barbara for ten years, I’d never heard of Dorfmont’s until yesterday, when I saw the above clothing label. Just hearing the name in my head, though, I can imagine why it’s no longer around and rarely mentioned anymore. Nothing says elegance like climbing on top of a dwarf. Sometimes, you’re better off not naming the business after yourself.


  1. Funnily enough, I pictured a dwarf riding a dwarf with a pink saddle on.

  2. dorf = German for "village"

  3. I actually knew that "dorf" meant village, but despite some associations that word part might have with classiness and luxury, like the Waldorf-Astoria or Bergdorf Goodman, I feel like it sounds inherently unclassy and silly to my American ears, especially since it's the first syllable. In this case, it also doesn't help that the other syllable is one that exists in English and is readily understood.