Friday, September 14, 2007

Adolphus Zantziger

While trying in vain to Google the correct spelling of Soul Coughing's "Adolpha Zantziger," I was redirected to the personal blog of Venture Bros. creator and god-among-men Jackson Publick. In a January 2006 post in which Publick showed off some background and character art for the then-upcoming second season of Venture, he listed the song he was currently listening to as "Adolphus Zantziger." These means one of three things: (1) Publick has a mislabeled Soul Coughing track, which, given the song's relative obscurity seems likely; (2) Soul Coughing did a special take off on my beloved "Adolpha Zantziger" and signified it with a slightly different name; or (3) the late Mrs. Adolpha Zantziger had a brother.

Either way, the intersection of Soul Coughing with Jackson Publick is utterly delightful.

[ go team zantziger! ]

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