Saturday, September 22, 2007

Princess Hat for Monkey

Last week, I found an old email that I believe I sent to Kristen as advice on what she should wear to a tennis date. The email reads as follows:
you may have heard us restraining laughter outside your window last night. this happened because spencer and i thought it would be funny to tell you that since you will be playing tennis at a resort, you should dress in formal tennis attire. you know: white sweater, white skirt and such. this quickly escalated into the following list:
  • old fashioned hoop skirt
  • bonnet
  • hobnail boots
  • bloomers
  • thong outside of bloomers
  • gloves
  • jangly bracelets
  • Puritan punishment stocks
  • ski mask
  • goggles
  • funny mustache disguise glasses
  • princess hat
  • Carmen Miranda hat with fruit
  • monkey to play inside hat
  • princess hat for monkey
  • kneepads
  • buckles, buckles, buckles!
  • pilgrim hat for formal occasions
  • lady in waiting
  • lots of tule
keep in mind, this was funny to us at 2 a.m.

hope the weekend goes at least this well.
It made me laugh then, it makes me laugh now.

1 comment:

  1. I read that as Puritan Punishment Socks. Which, incidentally, I think are funnier. I also enjoy the princess hat for the monkey. Nicely done.

    And as a non sequitur, there exists something called Maple Syrup Urine disease Sadly, it isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.