Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad Gutless Purse

Tooling around on MySpace today, I realized that it has a feature that allows you to see who has asked to subscribe to your blog. In the most basic sense, I have a MySpace blog, but it serves only to alert people I know of important goings-on — for example, "Hey, I need to sell my Coachella tickets!" — or to direct them here. Nothing extensive, but I decided to see who might be following along nonetheless.

The below image represents the entire kidicarus222 MySpace blog community.

For those unfamiliar with MySpace, that's a guy who hasn't uploaded a photo for himself, some chick named Niolani who has chosen to represent herself as one of the she-gremlins from Gremlins, and some preteen who has named herself "DATE LIKE A VATO SO YOU WONT GET PLAYED LIKE A BITCH." I understand that, given the relative infrequency with which I post on the MySpace blog that this this group is in no way representative of my general blog readership, but I still have to admit: That is the saddest motherfucking fanclub I've ever seen.


  1. Wow, someone dared to speak about me on his blog! Seriously, I you think that I read only your MySpace blog you’re seriously wide of the mark. Do you know the motto that say to never judge a book from its cover? Probably not, I’m sure you didn’t take a look on my profile. Well, truthfully, you won’t find anything about me. If I created this account it was because everybody I know is on My-fucking-Space. Anyway, I’m glad to see that you’re using Blogger, thanks to RSS feeds; I can read you each time you’re posting. By the way, I love your writing. And what’s wrong about having an image of a gremlin as a userpic? I would have used a picture of me but, I didn’t want to use one. Finally, I’m glad that someone publicly recognized my existence. Now, I will return to the darkness of my basement illuminated only by my computer screen and I will silently read people’s blog and journal without daring to comment their entries. Goodbye!

  2. What's wrong with using a Gremlins gremlin as your default MySpace pic? Nothing. I just thought it was funny, really.

    Does the she-gremlin have a name?

  3. I don't think the she-gremlin has a name but, she was referred as "Lady Gremlina?" on the collecting card. I really must get those movies on DVD. I’m always doing my best to find the most unusual userpic, like when I’ve used a TV test card on my MySpace page and a guy send me a message to know if it was some sort of abstract artwork, another of my funny and weird anecdote.