Sunday, September 23, 2007

Asshole Mario

Known variously as Kaizo Mario or Asshole Mario in the English-speaking world, this complication of Super Mario World makes me cringe just watching it, perhaps even more so than that insane Super Mario Bros. hack that made the rounds a few weeks back. Here's level 1-1.

And here's the Yellow Switch Palace, which has never been quite so frustrating.

And the third stage.

And just when you think you've had enough, this diabolical hacker adds auto-scrolling.

The game continues all the way to a castle level, which sadly concludes with a battle against a Bowser statue and not Bowser himself. However, there is Super Mario Bros.-style bridge key at the end.

But don't fret that only one mind-bendingly difficult version of Super Mario World exists — there's always the sequel, Asshole Mario 2.

The lastest stage posted by YouTube user sibladeko is the ninth stage of Asshole Mario 2, though I don't think it's the concluding stage.

Seriously, deviousness is a form of creativity. Tempted? You can actually download Asshole Mario and give it a try yourself. But beware: You may well be rendered loony by the end.

[ Source: Nintendo Gal ]


  1. How do you get unlimited lifes in the game? i see the video but it doesnt seem to do anything special.

  2. No clue. I only know what I posted above.