Friday, September 14, 2007

Courtroom Sketches

Yesterday, I sat in on the News-Press/NLRB hearing. Given that it's a legal procedure focusing on the one event that has been the focus of the Santa Barbara journalism world for the last year, you'd think it would be riveting. It's not. This dull write-up being proof, it's actually more boring than a water district meeting, and I've been to more than my fair share of those. Seriously, it would have been more interesting to write an article on the linty contents of my belly button.

Nonetheless, I went and reported, in a fashion my editing duties do not often allow. While I was there, the legal happenings frequently paused so the lawyers involved could chat about their strategy or ensure that the document they had was the same version as that the other side had. This happened a lot. Eventually, I made a game for myself: draw a picture, and think if I could finish the picture in the same the break would provide. Below are the results.

A happy ostrich!

A demonic umbrella!

An unfortunate woman with a beehive, apparently falling. (I'm calling her "Inez." Also, this was done in the longest break, hence the detail.)

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  1. the fat lady looks like divine. that's gayer than mr. muscle eagle, which is just disturbing. not gay, disturbing.