Friday, September 14, 2007

Snug as a Tamandua in a Mop Bucket

It wouldn't matter even if I didn't like anteaters. The little dears just won't leave me alone.

Some of you might remember "Belated Christmas Present from Sanam," in which I discussed the differences between anteaters and the horrible look-alike species, aardvarks (tardvarks). The post drew the attention of one commenter, TamanduaGirl, who seemed to share my love for the tube-nosers. She even keeps a blog, It's all About the Animals, on which she posts photos of many animals — including Pua and Stewie, two tamanduas who frequently do entertaining things.


Anyway, I thought my awareness of TamanduaGirl and her pets was well behind me on Wednesday when I was at work and posting Starshine's new column. One of the steps in putting up a column is finding an image that can be posted at the top. This often necessitates a Google image search. And for whatever reason, looking for image to accompany Starshine's pieces often results in more porn than not. It's strange, really: Even when the column doesn't even mention sex, I still end up polluting my computer with Google image search pages filled with smut. This week was no different: as the column's subject was Starshine's discomfort with allowing her cleaning lady to toil away while she types at a computer all day, I looked for a picture of a maid.

Big mistake. Turns out hardly anyone posts plain old photos of maids nowadays. No dusting, no scrubing, no wearing a saucy French uniform. Just naked ladies taking it from all sides and angles. Next, I went for "cleaning lady." Nope. Nothing good, and a lot of porn thumbnails labeled "horny cleaning lady takes two at a time." (Still, these searches were less dirty than the ones I had to find for the column on having sex in the back seat of her car. And even then, I was only Googling "back seat.")

In an act of desperation, I ended up searching Flickr just for "mop bucket" to see if anything PG-rated could be found. As I scrolled down the first page, one image in particular caught my eye:

Unless I'm mistaken, that's little Pua, "snug as a tamandua in a mop bucket," as the photo's title says. And yes, it's posted by TamanduaGirl.

I'm not saying it's destiny that I ended up encountering the same person's anteater-loving online identity twice in one week. I'm not saying it results from some grand convergence of celestial bodies. I'm just saying it's a pretty damn remarkable coincidence.

Plus, there were anteaters, too.

And I liked that.


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