Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Anti-Marne

Remember Marne? Meet her opposite. I’m calling her Elma.

She comes from a different era, sure, but those glasses and that boy’s haircut tell us that Elma is not about to win any popularity contests. Elma is an Awkward Girl. However, unlike Marne but there’s something in Elma’s pose that should tell us that she needs no consolation. She is standing on her own — I can’t imagine why what this photo could be documenting but please let it be a school dance she attended solo — but her facial expression reads like a scowl that’s a split second away from curling in a smirk.

While Marne is now probably an overmedicated comp lit grad student trying but failing to pull off kicky vintage fashions, I’m guessing Elma turned out okay once she figured out those legs were an asset instead of liability.

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