Monday, June 21, 2010

She Hathaway

A random thought: Anne Hathaway is one of very few actors aside from Albert Brooks to provide a guest voice more than once on The Simpsons and to voice different characters each time. In 2009, she voiced Jenny, a goody two shoes that Bart has a crush on. In 2010, she voiced Princess Penelope, a fairy princess-styled personality added to the cast of Krusty’s show.

What’s really weird is that Princess Penelope is a very similar character to Mother Maggie, whom Hathaway voiced in an episode of Family Guy also in 2010. They’re both sing-song-speaking hosts of kids’ shows.

I wonder if Hathaway would have landed either the Princess Penelope or Mother Maggie roles if she hadn’t already showed off her ability to do such characters when she played Mary Poppins in that SNL sketch back in 2008.

Coincidental weirdness on the Fox Sunday night line-up, previously:

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