Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carol Channing Is a Scary Muppet

Last week’s post on the Jabberwock got a comment encouraging me to watch another scene from the 1985 Alice in Wonderland movie in which Alice interacts with the White Queen. The White Queen is played by Carol Channing, which should be motivation enough for you to watch in the same way that “Wanna see something gross?” will more than likely make you look at the something, even though you mostly didn’t want to and even though you know what the outcome would be anyway. If you’re still on the fence about whether to give a few minutes of your life to this clip, let me at least offer a glimpse at the strange, terrifying worlds that await you:

Yet more motivation: The clip consists of Channing’s unique take on acting, a musical number that begins so suddenly that it’s slightly startling, and finally a surreal ending that would not be out of place in a David Lynch movie. (Make Channing a midget and make the sheep Sheryl Lee and you’re there.)

And, finally, the clip itself:

I assume that Anne Hathaway only got the role of the White Queen in Tim Burton’s recent remake because Carol Channing was busy. Really, what other explanation could there be?

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