Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Dignity in Death for Cici Cooper

Scream 2 was on TV recently and I watched a few minutes of it. It was specifically the scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character, sorority sister Cici Cooper, who learns that staying home to be the designated driver can still result in death. The killer ends up tossing her off the third floor of the Omega Beta Zeta house. See ya, Cici. Hope nobody needed a ride home.

Watching the scene through this time was the first since it was pointed out to me that there’s a pretty glaring blooper in it. Just as the killer tosses Cici off the balcony, a crewmember’s head pops up in the lower right corner, even though the scene is set at least three floors up.

Well, it’s either a blooper or a weird plot point — this guy literally hanging out underneath a sorority house balcony, doing little to save the poor girl who’s being murdered. But as far as bloopers go, this seems like a pretty huge one. Admittedly, I never noticed it until it was pointed out, but don’t movie studios pay people big bucks to spot these kind of things? Especially in a good movie produced by a major studio?

You may quibble with my classification of Scream 2 as “good,” but I’ll argue it out. From the little I saw, I surprised how the film — now thirteen years old — doesn’t look dated. And though it’s not as uniformly well-acted as the first movie, it actually has some nice performances and a awesomely oddball cast that includes a whole lot of people you’d never expect to have been in a movie together — Laurie Metcalf, Liev Schreiber, Joshua Jackson, Timothy Olyphant, Portia de Rossi, Tori Spelling, Rebecca Gayheart, Luke Wilson, David Warner and Heather Graham among them.

Bonus trivia: The girl who Cici is talking to on the phone when she starts getting calls from the killer is Selma Blair in an uncredited role, about two years before she starred with Gellar in Cruel Intentions and became famous. And the girl who provides the jump scene when she bumps into Cici on her way out of the house? It’s that inexplicably Hispanic Griswold daughter from National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation.


  1. Haha, I never really thought about how the daughter in Vegas Vacation was a different nationality, I guess I bought it because it kept in line with them having different kids in every movie. Also 13 year old me was happy to label her as hot and not think much more about it, haha.

    That is a great blooper as well. Reminds me of the surprisingly huge amount of times you can see puppeteers heads pop into frame on Sesame Street. It happened ALL THE TIME on that show (try a YouTube search) but for some reason you never notice. I guess the muppets are just that engaging.

  2. kickass perception. I think my mind was totally focused on SMG, what can I say? lol

  3. One of my faves - any film that would feature "Aunt Jackie" as a villainess is aces in my book!

  4. Glen: The Hispanic Griwswold daughter isn't a big deal, especially because this particular movie is by no means a great one, but when I watched it I noticed that she has a slight Mexican accent and it distracted me from the movie a bit. I honestly wonder what motivation the casting director had to put her in the movie over any other young starlet.

    Jay: I never noticed until it was pointed out to me. And apparently the people who made the movie were also too distracted by Buffy being slayed to notice the background.

    Pax: Yeah, I've always thought she did a wonderfully over-the-top job in this movie. I've also always thought that she's been styled to look a but like Jamie Lee Curtis. Has this ever occurred to you? Would it not have been awesome of JLC had done the role?