Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jabberwock vs. Bunyip: A Fight for My Eight-Year-Old Soul

Herein: two videos depicting nightmarish monsters that I first experienced as a child, while watching a movie that I presumed would have been safe. They weren’t.

First, via Topless Robot’s countdown of inappropriately disturbing scenes in children’s movies, there’s the terrifying last scene of a 1985 TV movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which the Jabberwock barges in to Alice’s house for no reason other than to give children like me a reason to fear elaborately decorated sitting rooms.

And via Ectoplasmosis, there’s the creepy yet aesthetically pleasing “Bunyip Moon” musical number from Dot and the Red Kangaroo. I hadn’t thought about this film in years but instantly remembered the whole thing upon hearing the first strains of this song. What is a bunyip? I’m not sure, as the song and associated animated sequence only clearly conveys that it’s intensely unpleasant. Personally, I’d prefer to never find out first-hand.

Thanks for the memories, people who made these movies!

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