Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bubbling Vat

As if the name PEA CREAM SOUP wasn’t bad enough, the sloppy handwriting — as opposed to the other soups’ professional-looking typed labels — makes this lunch selection completely unappetizing.


Also, I don’t even know was Pea Cream Soup is. Cream of pea soup? Spilt pea soup with half and half poured into it? Something a crazy person made in his garbage can bathtub and then snuck into the restaurant?


  1. "Pea cream soup" sounds like the punchline to a joke told by kindergarteners.

  2. eat enough Cream Soup, you'll end up peeing it.

  3. Johnny1:51 AM

    I'd go as far as to assume that it's Créme Ninon, a french soup made from vegetable stock, cream and green peas :)