Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crude Hotel

Following my post late last month on the peculiarly childish ad campaign currently promoting Santa Barbara’s posh San Ysidro Ranch, I was encouraged — less than pleasantly, I’ll note — to do some research into other in-print runs on grounds that the one I initially focused on — “Frumpish Couple,” seen below — was not necessarily representative.

I managed to turn up four more, and I have to admit that I unfortunately did chose the wrong ad. The others — again, posted below — make the San Ysidro Ranch seem much more appealing. I can see now why JFK and Jackie honeymooned here.

First, “Fansee Advurtyzin’”:

“Rest on Your Laurels”:

“We Have a Secret”:

And my personal favorite:

I shall have to get the number of whoever drew these up.

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