Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Then Work Stopped

And then all talk about Farrah Fawcett ceased and no one would ever mention her again without noting that, at the end of the story, her death was completely overshadowed by the apparent death of Michael Jackson. And that’s even if MJ turns out to still be alive.

Somewhere in South Carolina, Mike Sanford is fist-pumping and saying “YES! YES!”


  1. Kaitlin10:41 AM

    When Farah Fawcett got to heaven, and went through the pearly gates, she was greeted by God.

    "Wow!" exclaimed the Holy Ghost. "We really enjoyed your work here. Especially Charlie's Angels! I still have a poster in my office of you with that red bikini!"

    Farah is a little taken aback. "Thank you, Lord..."

    Jehovah goes on, "Well, I have a special reward for you. I'm prepared to grant you one wish. Have anything in mind?"

    Not one to act selfish and change God's opinion of her, Farah thinks for a second and decides upon a wish. "I'd like for all the children of the world to be safe and sound forever."

    "Done!" exclaims the Heavenly Father. He snaps, and Michael Jackson appears next to Farah.

  2. HA! That joke is PERFECT!!!