Saturday, June 06, 2009

Outside There’s a Boxcar Waiting

My birthday and the day after my birthday — the latter of which I am insisting on calling my afterbirth — as represented by three pictures of animals. Please note: Some of the animals are cuter and luckier than others.


Birthday Crab (with jaunty onion hat)


Birthday Pelican (who sidled away from me like a nervous person on a bus)


Birthday Puppies (a whole box of them, each of them squirming and proving harder to photograph than the first two)


  1. bucket of puppies!!! didja keep one?

  2. So the subject of which photo was tastiest?

  3. Kate: Did not keep one. These puppies deserve a level of care that I'd be unwilling to provide. If you're interested in getting one for yourself, however, I know they are for sale.

    George: Crab was best. Doy. Everyone knows that puppies are stringy and pelicans are gamey.

  4. Actually, it's all in the preparation. I guess you didn't see that one episode of "Chopped" and the looks on the contestants' faces when they opened their baskets to find puppies. That Ted Allen is one mean bastard....

  5. You should have kept the whole box of puppies! Puppies love fun and ice cream! It'd be like having your birthday 24/7.