Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Milk Today

Doorstep check.

diaper doorstep delivery

This, I suppose, would give new meaning to the sentence, “There’s a package for you at the front door.” If I were the management at diapers.com — and I’m not, I just saying if I was — I might rethink their branding technique. In effect, boxes marked with the company name advertise the fact that someone in the house doesn’t know how to use a toilet. And, for example, if your neighbors knew that you had no infants living at the house, that would get really awkward.


  1. That would be a problem if there were no babies or even an animal in the house.

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Did you even go to diapers.com? The site is clearly for baby accessories, and fyi most adult incontinence products are not marked when shipped.

  3. I had, actually. But approaching the situation of someone just walking down the street and seeing the box, I would have had no way of knowing that the website didn't also sell adult supplies. See, that's the humor.