Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zombie Paper

The ill-conceived scratch-and-sniff promo Nintendo put out for Earthbound. The jist of it? “Play our amazingly creative video game but first smell a fart.” Seriously.


The associated smells, if I remember correctly, are as follows, starting at top-right and moving clockwise: dirt, a mushroom, a hot dog, a banana, a burnt match and finally the aforementioned fart. Way to enhance the gaming experience, Nintendo.

And, once again, I must question the use of clay models. Why?

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  1. This is really awesome, I never knew about these promotional stickers.

    While I agree that the use of the clay figures is odd, I think that it could be executed well.

    For example, Camille Young released some custom clay figures from the Mother series through and they turned out amazing. Very true to the original feel of the series.
    Her figures were also shown in the Mother 3 handbook that the sold.

    Very very cool stuff, I think it works well, much better than these canon stickers did.

  2. Those clay pieces are definitely cool. But, for the record, the Nintendo-issued scatch-n-sniff items are trading cards, not stickers. Though I can't imagine anyone would trade them, since Nintendo only made the six of them.