Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What’s a Jabroni, Anyway?

Surprise, surprise — I’m one of those people who will watch the “enhanced” repeat of last week’s Lost before the new episode airs. It usually happens while I’m making dinner. Tonight, during the rerun of the episode “Dr. Linus,” I noticed that Miles refers to the dead-and-buried 815ers Nikki and Paolo as “jabronies.” Didn’t catch it last week. So what the hell does that word mean?

The first hits I got for it on Google were at Urban Dictionary, so I guess it follows that jabroni is slang. According to Dictionary.com, it’s a wrestling term that refers to someone who “loses in order to make another wrestler look good.” It’s synonymous with jobber. And according to the Rice University Neologisms Database, it can also be used as an insult for one wrestler to hurl at another.

The more you know. (Cue star. Cue twinkling rainbow graphic.)


  1. Cassell's Dictionary of Slang states it could also mean "a newly arrived foreign immigrant" or "an inexperienced, inept, unsophisticated person." The interwebz says it's Italian for dumbass or asshole. The Rock says it ain't worth a damn. Even with all this information, I'm still confused as to what Slow Jabroni and Fast Jabroni could be about, but they do mention "lightweights." Conclusion: screw you, internet, and your useless words.

  2. Where did you hear about Slow Jabroni and Fast Jabroni. I am not familiar.