Friday, March 19, 2010

Mnemonic Devices for Remembering the Order of Planets (Minus Pluto)

For some time now, eccentric mothers throughout the English-speaking world have ceased to order their children ninety pizzas. Pluto being downgraded to a mere dwarf planet has rendered this handy-dandy mnemonic device irrelevant, and while “My very excellent mother just served us nachos” works okay, I guess, I think we can do better.

Some suggestions:
  • Many volatile educators maim juveniles suddenly, using needles.
  • Mice very enthusiastically munch Jerry Seinfeld’s uncle, Norman.
  • Mr. Valdez excitedly mimicked jiggly strippers until noon.
  • “My valuable excrement makes jewelry shine,” uttered Nancy.
  • My vulgar exclamations might just soften underwear nubs.
I am betting that no one who reads this blog can come up their own. Now prove me wrong.

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