Thursday, July 10, 2008

15201 Maple Systems Road

Sometimes YouTube does funny things. I've noticed before that the list of related videos sometimes features clips bearing no apparent connection to the video being watched. I decided to document one especially noticeable disconnect that happened to me while I was watching a video of Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse. (I was bored, okay?)

Anyway, the proof:

click for a larger version

"Love Shack," "I'm Too Sexy," the Rednex version of "Cotton Eye Joe," "Groove Is in the Heart" — apparently, YouTube thinks the Thumbelina video is some sort of early 90s dance hit.

Was it? Did I miss something?

Also, did anybody else know that Rednex was a Swedish band? And still exists? And still presumably makes awful, awful music?


  1. Ok, so I had to see the smallest horse, than the biggest and then along with other world records I saw the craziness of the longest mustache so I wanted to see the picture bigger so I looked it up on Google images and what did I find? Bushes Upon Mushes (safe for work, I promise)
    Check out the craziness of these 'Stashes! You see what trouble random clicking gets people into?!

    ps I just realized the event coordinator for all this craziness..? No facial hair at all... pfft.

  2. OK, great. So why the Scorpio reference?

  3. Fred: Good catch. I almost never get called on my obscure post titles. It all amounts to me not knowing what to call this and ending up naming it after the best ever address from The Simpsons, which I just happened to hear as I finished the post.