Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Synesthesia Music Meme, Take Two

I'm not the only one who posted results to this meme in Muxtape form. This guy, who got the idea from little ol' me, did the same. And even responded to my suggestion.

Hello, guy!


  1. Howdy! I'm a chick, as it happens, though I'll answer to "guy" or "dude" or anything else you wanna throw at me. (I, too, have longstanding sympathies with Birdo.) I loved this meme. I loved your mix, I loved assembling my own mix, and one of my other friends even joined in the fun: , from requests posted here. I'm looking forward to another round in a few months. It's an idea that's really satisfying to plumb.

    Oh, and thanks for the unripe persimmon song! (Plover is the Blogger ID for my steno-specific Blogspot blog).

  2. Ah good to know. Sorry to misstate your gender. And glad to know the meme lives on. I may do another one soon.