Monday, July 21, 2008

Ride the Tiger Down River Euphrates

I’ve already put up two posts with photos from my weekend at home: one biker-related and one puppy-related. Here’s a third, sort of a catch-all for other strange photos I felt compelled to take.

liquor store mural

Randomly Aztec-themed mural on the side of a liquor store.


Billboard that seemed relevant at the time.

tennis courts in the middle of nowhere 3

Tennis courts in the middle of nowhere. (And, yes, the house on the hill is the creepy, pseudo-Moesko Island one from this post.)

tennis courts in the middle of nowhere 1

Tennis courts, again.

strange figurine shrine

House with strange McDonald’s action figure shrine in front. This thing has to be seen to be believed. I may go back and take more pictures at a later date.


Wires, sky, and alleyway.


Inside of the church that had the motorcycles parked on the lawn, from this post.

grandma at the pool

Grandma — cold but nonetheless standing by the pool.


Milkweed, lookin’ all weird.

weird growth in pine tree

And a weird growth on a mostly dead pine tree. I feel like the needles that aren’t growing on the rest of the tree chose to instead grow in this one clump.


  1. Where do you come up with this stuff? I hate how you bloggers make your lives seem so much more interesting than mine. :p

  2. Is that the creepy house up there on the hill?

  3. Yes, that's the house, under sunnier conditions. It's actually not always creepy.

  4. Drew, I know EXACTLY where in Hollister that weird Aztec painting is.

    Thanks for pulling me back into yet another crappy Hollister memory, after I thought I had escaped.