Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Boatjacking of Supership '79

What I thought was a noteworthy coincidence: A while back I posted about a Mexican Jaws rip-off called Tintorera, the Wikipedia summary for which was hilariously thorough and, I believe, indicative of the film's crappiness. Slightly less long ago, I posted a list of things I've blogged here that have not yet received what felt was the explosion of appreciation and feedback they deserve, as I crave attention. The list attempted to direct readers like you to the Tintorera post.

This holiday weekend, as I sit at home posting news stories about the Gap Fire, which as I type this threatens to burn the edge of Goleta, I've watched two movies about rape in England — Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy and Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs, the latter of which was immensely more entertaining than the former. Straw Dogs starred a British actress named Susan George, of whom I've been previously unaware. I wanted to see what else she'd been in. It turns out, oddly enough, that she played what I think might be the female lead in Tintorera. It's hard to tell, as the Wikipedia synopsis of her role in the film is limited to this: They bring Gabriella, a British girl, with them, and go fishing for sharks and mantas, where Miguel gets eaten by the Tintorera. Gabriella, being shocked, returns to England.

Apparently George's career took a nosedive sometime around 1977. Nonetheless, I thought it merited mentioning here.

Also perhaps worth mentioning here but also maybe not: Spencer points out an additional flaw of Tintorera in the fact that its name sounds remarkably like the Spanish word for "dry cleaner," tintorerĂ­a.

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