Friday, March 19, 2010

Mnemonic Devices for Remembering the Order of Planets (Minus Pluto)

For some time now, eccentric mothers throughout the English-speaking world have ceased to order their children ninety pizzas. Pluto being downgraded to a mere dwarf planet has rendered this handy-dandy mnemonic device irrelevant, and while “My very excellent mother just served us nachos” works okay, I guess, I think we can do better.

Some suggestions:
  • Many volatile educators maim juveniles suddenly, using needles.
  • Mice very enthusiastically munch Jerry Seinfeld’s uncle, Norman.
  • Mr. Valdez excitedly mimicked jiggly strippers until noon.
  • “My valuable excrement makes jewelry shine,” uttered Nancy.
  • My vulgar exclamations might just soften underwear nubs.
I am betting that no one who reads this blog can come up their own. Now prove me wrong.


  1. My Very Earnest Mnemonic (Joskin Sesquipedalia Understood Nowadays?):

    My Vord! Eez memoreezation Just Simply, Uh, Niffynaffy?

    Why is the joskin German/French? Hell if I know. Of course, there is this TMBG alternative:


  2. I commend your efforts, man with unplaceable accent.

  3. Mammoth Vaginae Eat Man Junk, Some Undulation Needed

  4. Fine. You win.

    Is that Roll as in the famed housekeeping robot?

  5. Anonymous12:08 AM

    My very easy method just speeds up nomenclature.

  6. Naminia3:19 PM

    may victory easily meet just some underage nuns
    must vicious eagles maim just some underage nuns