Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell Me How We’ll Be Alone Again

I was stupidly happy that “Cho Cha,” a bizarre little team-up between Teddybears, Cee Lo Green and The B-52s, might actually be about a passionate but innocent love of a man for his pet cat. Not so. Chocha is apparently Italian slang term for the female genitalia. How naive I was to think that a pop song about a cat could ever be just that.

But had I watched the bizarro video for the song sooner rather than later, I would have started suspected something… deeper — anatomically deeper, that is.

Is that a fucked-up video or what? And all the same, isn’t it natural to hear Cee Lo’s voice come from a stuffed animal?


  1. It's a eff-ed up video... sad, because I like all three parties to the song... but it kind of is par for the course with such a group of unique artists getting together for a song...

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Hold on - does she die and the cat take over her body, or does she just become part cat, or -

    Gaah! I'm thinking again!


  4. Goofy: I actually remember seeing that video from back in the day. And yeah, now that you point it out, it has a few striking similarities. How weird.