Wednesday, August 10, 2011

H.R. Giger’s Underwater Chandelier

I actually posted this back in 2008, but the only video of it I had back then was a horrible embeddable clip from CNN that now, unless I’m mistaken, only plays a promo for Anderson Cooper 360. (Did you know they call it 360 because Anderson Cooper has one leg shorter than the other and when he slow dances — which is, like, all the time — he makes little circles?) But now it turns out there’s a website for YouTubes, and they have lots of videos films, including this one.


Isn’t it pretty? It’s the elbow squid, which is a horrible thing with a name that makes you fear elbow macaroni and maybe also your own elbows even though you use them. We didn’t know about the elbow squid really until the 90s, but now, whenever we wade into the ocean, we do so with the knowledge that we’re drifting ever nearer to these horrible creatures. Of course, if you’re toes touch one, you die instantly. But it still hurts.


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