Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grow Up, Little Blog

A technical question for my blog readers, who may well be more technically savvy than I am.

I’ve had this blog at this URL for some time, and I feel now that I can do better than a URL based on the old AIM screen name I used back in the day when I actually used AIM. So I could change the URL, but I don’t want to nullify all the links currently leading here. So I’m wondering this: Is it possible to start a new URL — maybe something a little more grown-up but maybe still even something that just reflects the title of the blog — and post content both there and at the old URL? Like, basically have a mirror site, I guess? I’d use the new, improved URL as the official site, but people could still access content by typing what’s gotten them here in the past.

Is this possible? Is this even a thing?


  1. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Of course it's possible, I've seen sites do it a bunch before. Sorry I'm not sure how to do it. I think you would make the new blog, then put just a redirect on the old one.
    It's possible though!

  2. As anonymous says it's totally a thing. The question you need to google about is if it's a thing for blogspot. A good host can be set up to do whatevers, but blogspot might not be so accommodating.

  3. Hey there, Drew! It's definitely do-able with a blogspot blog -- I just did it myself a month or so ago. Well, actually, I didn't do it myself, someone did it for me. I'm not sure *how* she did it at this point, though. Let me check with her and get back to you, OK?


    That'll tell you how to do it. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll need a new version of every post, and I'm not sure if there's a way to automate that or not.

  5. Please let the URL be:

  6. All except George: Thanks for the helpfulness. Glad to know that it's possible. I suppose I can ask people for direction on how to proceed -- though if you know, please do tell -- but my current problem is this: What am I asking to do? Like, is there a term for what I'm attempting to accomplish?

    George: That is no. No, George.

  7. What you want to do is called redirection. For example, I know there are quite a few URLs that all point to the TopatoCo store, including and