Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Perfect Name for a Giant Venus Fly Trap

In writing posts like the one I put up on Tuesday — you know, the one on Looney Tunes lady boners — I always wonder if I’m overstepping in that Engilsh major way and reading too much into something that simply isn’t all that deep.

But then, in looking for the video clips for that post, I stumbled onto this one: Batman fighting Poison Ivy in the relatively recent series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. The comic book nerd in me liked the fact that Batman was socking Poison Ivy’s henchgirls alongside the little known superoheroine Black Orchid. However, the pervy pop culture junkie in me was even more impressed with the name Poison Ivy gives her giant Venus Fly Trap pet…

It’s Georgia. As in Georgia “Can’t Stop Paintin’ Flowers That Look Like Gynes” O’Keefe.

So thanks, whoever wrote this joke. You’ve validated some of my theories about the stuff I watched when I was a impressionable, young lad.

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