Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Say EYEYSSES to the Dress

Glancing up at the office TV — which happened to be playing Say Yes to the Dress because I have no say in watch channel it’s on — I at first thought I was having a stroke, that the part of my brain that controls reading had ceased to function.

Then I realized that this was not the case, nor had the captions started running in some Indonesian language. And then then it occurred to me that what this caption might be trying to say was “This dress is shit.”

Least helpful caption.


  1. My wife watches this show. A LOT. I like how they changed "TLC" from The Learning Channel to Travel and Living Channel. As far as I can tell, they should just call it "That channel where you can watch people get taken on overpriced wedding dresses and snarky brides diss on other women's weddings".

  2. Remember when that show actually taught you something? Or at least had interesting stuff on? Like Zoobalezoo, and that Emergency 911 show?