Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let the Sailors Climb the Walls

I finished an involved freelance project this morning, and though I was looking forward to a relaxed Saturday — my first since before the holidays when I wouldn’t have work hanging over my head — I was instead met the same news everyone else learned today. Now that’s hanging over my head. I’m not complaining. I’m just voicing my disgust.

When horrifying things happen beyond the scope of this stupid, little blog, I always wonder if I should make a statement, add my words to the flood of others already saying the same thing. However, I almost always don’t, because these thoughts seem out-of-place in a tiny corner of the internet concerned about obscure words, forgotten popular culture, and the intersection of familiar and strange. Who cares what I think? Wouldn’t I be defeated, in some ways, if I let a tragedy prevent me from offering the things that my few regular readers come here for?

I honestly don’t know if what follows is the right answer, because it will demonstrate none of the ways this morning’s news affected me, but here is what I decided to put up: some aesthetic escapism. It’s dark. It has elements of violence (but not inappropriate ones, I think). It contains some nudity. It mines popular culture in a pleasing way, I think. It features Ian McKellan (always acceptable). It’s something I would have posted without context any other day.

And now I’ll return to reading news and related commentary, like everyone else.

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