Friday, January 14, 2011

Problem No. One: People Enjoying Olive Garden

Among many problems I have with the commercial where the cousins all like going to Olive Garden together, the one that most confounds me lies the one male cousin saying to a female cousin, “You gotta tell me Aunt Jessie’s story again.” The hell? I can accept that these young, apparently related people convene at Olive Garden for some kind of bonding-through-suffering ritual or possibly in preparation for a fart contest later in the night, but I don’t understand why one cousin doesn’t seem to know his own aunt, or why he needs another cousin to re-tell her story. It’s completely baffling. Who wrote the script? Why was this the only bit of banter that made it to the final cut?

More: Am I supposed to take away that my peers could conceivably enjoy Olive Garden, or that I should go there with only cousins, excluding the very young and middle aged-to-old members of the family? That is: Is Olive Garden courting the twentysomething demographic or the even harder-to-snag cousin demographic?

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