Monday, January 17, 2011

A Word for a Holiday Weekend

No post on Sunday and nothing today until it’s practically over. This word made the most sense.
perendiate (puh-REN-dih-nayt) — verb: 1. to put off until the day after tomorrow. 2. to stay at college for an extended time.
It’s like professional procrastination, for when ignoring work for just twenty-four hours doesn’t quite demonstrate the extent of your laziness. According to A Word a Day, perendiate comes from the Latin perendinare, meaning the same, and that word goes back to the Latin perendie, “the day after tomorrow.” In case you’re wondering, procrastinate came to English in a similar manner: from the Latin cras, meaning “tomorrow.”

Of course, the extension of the word to refer to people on the Super Senior or Super Duper Senior plans is just awesome.

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