Monday, April 12, 2010

Analyze EKG / Can You See a Memory?

Happy Monday to you all. Because there’s a high probability that you Monday may not, actually, be all that happy, I’m offering a reason to keep living for at least a few weeks longer.

Some of you might remember a game I’ve played before on this blog: abstract song suggestion. It’s pretty fun. It goes like this:
You all tell me what kind of music you want.

In a few days, I’ll post a song for each of you.

However, you can’t request music by band name or genre. You have to describe, in terms of color, mood, texture, taste, or any other creative way you can think of, what you’re looking for in a song, and I’ll do the best I can with what I have. Yes, that means that I may end up posting a song that you wouldn’t normally listen to. That’s part of the fun. Finally, I can’t use more than one song by any given band.
If this still doesn’t make sense, check out the first go-around and the subsequent results post. More people offered suggestions in the second go-around and I think the results were even better. If you want to see how I matched up past suggestions, click some examples below.

Click some of the past suggestions Some examples of suggestions and what songs I matched them with:
“A sweet sixteen birthday party gone bad.”

“If Twin Peaks were set today, what song would Audrey find to dance to in a contemporary jukebox?”

“Having a picnic on a sunny day in a warm, grassy field without bugs, on top of a superfuzzy mustard yellow blanket, on which you make out with someone very attractive (yet intellectual) all afternoon and you never, ever, ever get sunburnt.”

“you like CHOCOLATE BABY? then google CHOCOLATE BABY for best prices for CHOCOLATE BABY...”
Yes, I did my best to match a song to a spam comment. This all makes sense now, right? Go nuts with it, people.


  1. I would like a song that would be played in a movie after the following line is said:

    "Those aren't pandas."

    You can interpret the line any way you wish: funny, tragic, angry, etc.

    The impetus for this prompt:

    (Look up "pedobear" if you need further explanation.)

  2. Sukiyaki. The dish. If the song doesn't have anything to do with the dish, what song should?

  3. Until this point, I was thinking Bri and B! were the same person.

  4. "I was walking in mud and lost my boot. Now my sock is all dirty."

  5. Alright, after thinking about it, I've decided that I want a song that brings back the relief that my 8-year self felt while playing Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when he found a oxygen-bestowing bubble with less than a second to spare. In other words, something with an "times were tough, but everything's going to be groovy" feel.

  6. A song to play ironically over the top of an action sequence where someone ploughs a muscle car into a horde of hipster zombies.

  7. A song to play in the future, as you stand on the corner of a large space cube, having defeated all the Nucleon Tessalators with only the power of your Thor-suit.

  8. A Man rocking a fro, clad in only a headband and cargo shorts, sayin' to his buddy, "The colors man... do you see the colors?... Cuz I sure do."

  9. Anonymous1:09 AM

    The plight of a captive.

  10. Finding a moment of purity and beauty amidst seedy decadence, but only a moment. Then it is gone.

  11. Theme song for a sitcom about a small dog and its best friend, a can of baked beans. Visual aid:

  12. dinosaur tummy time

  13. Apologies for the delay, but I've finally posted my attempts at matches for these suggestions. Do check it out.