Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Truth About Kelly Kapoor

The following is one sentence from the Wikipedia page for Office character Kelly Kapoor, complete with footnotes.
Although there are a few major alterations between them,1 her closest counterpart on the original UK series is Donna.2
  1. For instance the race of each character is different. Donna is vaguely related to her boss, while Kelly is not.
  2. They are both sales reps, they have relationships with their office temp and are both vain.
I just want to point out how funny it is that some crazed Mindy Kaling fans not only posted this information about the character but chose to do so using the words they did — and in footnote form, no less. Fools, when I click a Wikipedia footnote, I expect links and sources and grand, scholarly elaboration the likes of which simply couldn’t fit the general text. This footnotes did not meet my standards. “The characters aren’t exactly the same because one of them has brown skin” is not worth bringing up anywhere, much less in a footnote. To you, I say this: You may know about Kelly Kapoor, but you much to learn about academic citation.

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