Sunday, April 04, 2010

Alleluia, He Is Frozen!

And by he, I don’t mean the messiah of some weird, cryogenic-focused denomination of Christianity but instead the rotund little chick-shaped Easter pastry that I’ve been keeping in my freezer for the past four years.


My personal Easter ritual is to open his little Gladware tomb on Easter Sunday to ensure that he still exists and then return him to his frosty Hell for another year. And just for the record, I would be more inclined to support religious leaders covered in faux down made from coconut shavings.

Happy Easter!


  1. What amazes me the most is that you have moved house recently, so I am guessing this guy had to be refrozen and set up for traveling.

  2. It wasn't a very big move, distance-wise, so Easter chick just got thrown in the cooler with all the other frozen food and loaded into the new fridge.

  3. You just killed my dream of this guy traveling. No he's just like a bag of frozen peas...