Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palace of the Brine

Not to be outdone by the piglet squid, here’s one that’s maybe even better: the red paper lantern medusa.

Depending on who’s doing the talking, she’s also known as the aka-chochin kurage or the Pandea rubra. And the other wonders of the sea apparently love her enough that they’ll sublease her. There’s a video of all this wonderment at Pink Tentacle.


  1. Looks a lot like Blinky.

  2. Thanks for the cool photo AND reminding me of a cool Pixies song I hadn't thought of in years.

  3. George: No problem. It's my new thing: Blogging about strange sea animals and titling the post to reference a Pixies song.

    Really, there's a surprising lot of Pixies songs that reference the ocean. I had not noticed this until recently.

    And Rustie: Blinky the three-eyed fish?

  4. Looks kind of like a Metroid to me.

  5. Yeah, actually it does, now that you mentioned it. Apparently it's more friendly.