Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stray Puffins and Ponies

I’m happy to report that I’m not the only one who found Vergina beer sniggerworthy. The below photo, which I originally snagged from my cousin Melissa’s blog when she wrote about the Monterey Greek Festival, now appears on the site of name and brand name expert Nancy Friedman.

She manages to one-up Vergina, however, with an even more terribly named beverage. It’s a British product, so it can’t even blame translation errors for this bummer of a handle, as Nancy points out.

There’s a market for it, I suppose.

A small note: The above image, which also appears on Nancy’s site, comes directly from the official site for the energy drink in question. I tried to find a better image of the container — perhaps one that wasn’t weirdly cropped at the bottom — but, upon seeing what my Google image search turned up, I instantly regretted this attempt. I won’t link it, but you could imagine ways in which this all went very wrong.


  1. hehehe... "With added Milk Thistle..."

  2. Sounds like somebody needs to turn Google SafeSearch back on.

    Also, if you dare, there's an energy drink called Pure Pussy; however, given the labe design it's an intentionally sexual reference.