Friday, October 24, 2008

Then There Is No Mystery Left

Remember this spider?

horrifying spider

I saw it in Australia, in the Whitsundays. Big as my hand it was. I’m not sure if my words alone can convey how horrifying it really was, but if I tell you that it shouted hateful epithets at me and my travel companions, will that paint the picture vividly enough?

Dina emailed me about this very spider this week. Not this spider, precisely, but its species. According to an October 22 article in the Telegraph, this little nightmare eats birds.

Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. Almost as horrifying as that pelican-on-pigeon action some time back.


  1. Horrifying but rad! When we lived in Australia, we'd have these big bastards called Brown Huntsmen in the house every now and then. They looked like skinny tarantulas and the big ones were about the size of my palm.

    But the photo you have takes the cake.

  2. Well I hope I never bump into one of those beasts!

  3. This is going to haunt me in my dreams.

  4. I refuse to accept that it isn't the other way around, I think that bird is carrying the spider on its head so that it can take it home and season it and roast it.